BEAM Intel


BEAM Intel tracks and measures every brand's marketing activities - constantly assessing performance and effectiveness.

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BEAM’s Intel is the cornerstone of our client’s brand’s effectiveness - providing great insights and more importantly, marketing confidence for brand and campaign development, marketing activities and website performance.


BEAM Intel tracks and measures:

Using the latest technologies available we constantly measure and report to our client’s the results of their digital activities. Our measurement tools track and report on;


  • Website’s traffic & performance including e-commerce
  • E-Communication's engagement results (e-newsletters & content marketing)
  • Adword campaigns
  • Social media communications
  • Campaign performance
  • Lead generation
  • Competitor intelligence & market insights
  • Consumer focus groups
  • Integrated marketing (holistic marketing performance).




BEAM Creative & BEAM Intel = Smart Marketing (SMARKETING as we call it!)

At BEAM, we ensure ALL our activities are measured and tracked. It also aligns with our business name acronym “Brand Evolution & Accountable Marketing”.
We continually measure and monitor all brand’s, their websites and campaigns and refine where necessary, to maximise the effectiveness of our customer’s brands and their marketing activities.